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Geopyörä announces a new partnership with Grinding solutions!

Updated: Mar 20

We are proud to announce a significant milestone for Geopyörä in the expansion of our licensed laboratories network on a global scale. Grinding Solutions Ltd (GSL), located in the United Kingdom received our state-of-the-art Geopyörä breakage test device and is now ready to use it!

Under the guidance of our CEO, Dr. Marcos de Paiva Bueno, GSL successfully received comprehensive training to operate our innovative technology. We are thrilled to share a video showcasing the proficiency of the GSL team, now fully equipped and certified to deliver the benefits of the Geopyörä test to an even wider range of clients.

Our patented Geopyörä breakage test is revolutionizing the mining industry by offering rapid and cost-effective testing for multiple samples. By generating detailed data on ore hardness variability, thus transforming the way decisions are made in the mining sector.

We invite all interested parties to leverage the advanced technology of Geopyörä. For your projects, we encourage you to get in touch with our newest partner, Grinding Solutions Ltd. They are ready to provide their exceptional services and expertise.

Together, let us propel the mining industry into a new era of data-driven decision-making, harnessing the power of Geopyörä to unlock greater efficiency and success.

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