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The Geopyörä Breakage Test

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Paper submitted to Minerals Engineering Journal (in press)


The mining industry needs a low-cost and reliable breakage characterization test which is capable of testing a large number of samples for geometallurgical modelling. The more samples are tested, the better is the understanding of the orebody variability and lower the design or production risks. The proposed solution is a new testing device, called Geopyörä (Bueno et al 2020), which is a variation of an instrumented roll crusher with an adjustable gap to measure breakage forces and energy applied to rock particles during the breakage process. The new testing device is capable of rapidly testing rocks on a wide range of sizes and energy levels. The device was capable of measuring energy with great accuracy and a standard deviation of 1.07 Joules. Means to improve the accuracy of the energy and force measurements are discussed, with recommendations and suggestions for other improvements to the device in the future.

Key words: Geometallurgy, comminution, ore breakage characterization, variability.

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