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The Geopyörä breakage test for geometallurgy

Paper submitted to the XXX International Mineral Processing Congress 2020


Comminution tests are an essential element in the design of ore beneficiation plants. Many methods have been developed to assess the breakage characteristics of rocks to generate parameters for modelling. However, most of the existing methods are laborious, expensive and require large samples. Consequently, test work has been traditionally conducted with a few representative reference samples. On the other hand, geometallurgical modelling programs require an extensive amount of test work to allow understanding the variability of ore properties within the deposit and establish spatial geometallurgical domains that show the differential responses to mineral processing. Therefore, comminution tests for geometallurgy need to be more efficient in terms of time, cost and sample size. This paper introduces a new testing device (Geopyörä) which is capable of measuring forces and energy applied to rock particles during the breakage process. The new testing method uses smaller samples and can be up to 50 times faster than other commonly used tests in the industry. This paper presents the concept prototype and the preliminary test work results, which have been benchmarked against some of the industry standard tests, such as the JK Drop Weight Test (JKDWT), the SMC Test® and the Bond ball mill test.

Key words: Geometallurgy, comminution, ore breakage characterization, variability.

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