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Particle Breakage and XRT Ore Sorting Analysis for Flowsheet Development

Paper published at the 2023 Procemin Conference and demonstrates how the Geopyörä test can effectively complement Sensor-Based Sorting (SBS) technology to evaluate the integration of a preconcentration stage into a comminution circuit.

Abstract: Sensor-based sorting (SBS) technology can be applied at multiple stages of the mineral processing flowsheet to separate material with different physical properties. Several material properties can be detected by multiple sensors, in order to separate the material into different streams. By eliminating material with specific properties, it is reasonable to assume that the downstream process performance could potentially be affected. This paper proposes an evaluation of the breakage parameters of different ore streams separated with XRT technology. The XRT sensor was used to separate a polymetallic ore sample into four different atomic density absorption classes. Each sample was then submitted to the Geopyörä breakage test, to obtain breakage parameters of individual particles and sample groups. Thereafter, the sample groups were submitted to destructive assays for an elemental composition evaluation. The paper proposes a combined evaluation of sensor classification data, breakage properties and elemental composition. The method can be used as a simple and integrated approach for SBS applicability in greenfield projects, improving the selection process of the comminution circuits, as well as existing operations for optimization purposes.

Download the articfle for a full read:

Esteves, P et al - Particle Breakage and XRT Ore Sorting Analysis - Procemin-Geomet_2023
Download P • 525KB

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