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Patent application

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Publication Number WO/2020/136309

Publication Date 02.07.2020

International Application No. PCT/FI2020/050100

International Filing Date 18.02.2020


The invention relates to a test arrangement for testing breakage and mechanical properties of rock particles. Test arrangement comprises a support (1, 2) and two counter-rotatable crushing rolls (3, 3') supported on the support (1, 2) and a drive arrangement (Ml, M2) for rotating the crushing rolls (3, 3'). Crushing rolls (3, 3') are facing each other and defining therebetween an input gap (G) for the rock particles, said rolls being arranged to crush rock particles (RP) to smaller daughter particles (DP). Test arrangement comprises a force measurement arrangement (7, 7') for determining the compressive strength of rock particles (RP). Force measurement arrangement (7, 7') being coupled to a processor (PR) comprised by the test arrangement. The processor (PR) being arranged to calculate the breakage force applied to each rock particle (RP) over time. The test arrangement (TA) further comprises an energy measurement arrangement (5, 5') for measuring information relating to energy applied to each rock particle (RP), said energy measurement arrangement (5, 5') being coupled to said processor (PR), said processor (PR) being arranged to calculate energy applied to each rock particle (PR).

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