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Real-Time Geomet modelling. Is that possible?

The GEOPYÖRÄ ROC (Real-time Ore Characterization) project is on the cutting edge of innovation, advancing to become the first fully automated geometallurgical lab positioned next to mine grinding circuits.

This groundbreaking development will revolutionize ore characterization by delivering real-time comminution, mineralogy, and elemental data before mill feed for process control optimization. Additionally, it will continuously update geomet models, unlocking incredible value for both upstream (mining) and downstream (mineral processing) optimization.

After successfully completing the proof-of-concept phase in collaboration with the University of Leoben and funded by the EIT Raw Materials, we are excited to announce that the prototype validation (TRL5) was a success. We are now pursuing a funding opportunity through the EIC accelerator to bring this innovation to full market readiness (TRL9).

Catch a glimpse of our CEO, Marcos de Paiva Bueno, as he shares insights into the ROC project in his interview with Jerrod Downey on Mining Now. if you're interested in watching the full interview:

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